[Eng Sub] Leelawadee Plerng: The Secret Truth

[Eng Sub] Leelawadee Plerng 2015
Status: On Going


Title: Leelawadee Plerng (Plumeria Ruba Linn / The Secret Truth)
Air time: Friday – Sunday 8:20pm
( 3rd Jan -XXX 2015)

Broadcast network: Channel 7 (Prakotkarndee.Co.,Ltd.)
Original writing (novel): King Chat
Television scrip by: Apiwat Laosakul
Theme song – Sanae-ha (เสน่หา: Affection)
Artist Name: Tubtim-Anyarin Terathananpat (อัญรินทร์ ธีราธนันพัฒน์)/ Than-Thanwa Suriyajak (ธันวา สุริยจักร)

Starring :
Thanwa Suriyajak as: Tiwat/Win
Tubtim Anyarin Teerathananpat as: Noo Lee/Linn/Lilinn
Nussaba Poonnakan as: Tai/Suparom
Sakkarach Lerktamrong as: Songpol
Benz Punyaporn Pongpipat as: Toy-Supissara/Prang/Nit-Wannit
Am Sophonpas Wirojsangprateep as: Ananyot/Wan
Aumpha Phusit as: Grandma Noi/Wassana
Mai Nonthapan Jaikunta as: Wittaya
Gun-Jae-Sal as: Witchanee
Prach Poramin as: Saksit/Sit
Bow Ameena Pinij as: Sita
Tle Pitipon Porntrisat as: Paramut/Mut
Jim Jayjintai Untimanon as: Kritsada


Streaming Link:

FULL Leela 001, 002, 003, 004 : Completed

Password: ChormuangDrama
LWDP 1-2-3: Streaming1 (archive) / Streaming2 (Drive)
LWDP 4-5-6: Streaming1 (archive) / Streaming2 (Drive)
LWDP 7-8-9: Streaming-none
LWDP 10-11-12: Streaming-none
LWDP 13-14-15: Streaming-none
LWDP 16-17 END: Streaming-none




FULL Leela 004: Complete

FULL Leela 005: On Going 

Segment:100 %






After seeing this, I can say nothing.

Should I continue subbing more episode?

How could Thai Lakorn SubEN said that they did sub english for this lakorn.


My update: 23/02/2017

45 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] Leelawadee Plerng: The Secret Truth

  1. Thanks for subbing lilawadee plerng! But the 2nd link which is part 1B can’t be found even after i sign in. 😦 Can you pls reupload 1B? Thanks again!

  2. Thanks so much for the subtitles!! could you please upload the full episode of mega or on dailymotion? I have problems with veoh and vk. T___T

  3. Please continue to sub the series. I know it’s not right what they are doing, but there are many of us who want to see the serie but don’t understand thai. I hope you will continue.

  4. For some reason that youtube account always does that. I don’t know why, but I’ve seen the videos uploaded on he or she’s account too. Maybe flag their videos? It’s not even legit either. Put a disclaimer on your videos like how the subber Kudalakorn always does in her videos. You can check her out if you want. 🙂

  5. Please continue subbing! I always see a lot of these YouTube accounts that take other subbers videos from viki etc and claim it to be theirs. I think that you should report that youtube account and also maybe put a disclaimer and your website’s link on the top of the video for a few seconds. 🙂

  6. Please continue subbing! Thanks for all your hardwork and effort! I always see a lot of these YouTube accounts that take other subbers videos from viki etc and claim it to be theirs. I think that you should report that youtube account and also maybe put a disclaimer and your website’s link on the top of the video for a few seconds. 🙂

  7. Please continue subbing this. I love you soo so much for uploading ep 1 & 2 already ! You must really work hard. I can’t wait for ep 3 to be finished. Thank you x a billion. 🙂

  8. OMG I’ve seen the two eps available, they are great. I Love the story, mysteries and chemistry between the major actors/couple. The girl is one of the actress of the great larkorn “chasing love to the final horizon”: she have done a good performance in this lakorn showing some guts. I love the evolution of her character (she was not a plain or boring girl as we could think). About this drama: It’s not easy to see kiss at the beginning of lakorn, I mean real kiss, i enjoy it!! If you (readers) have some difficulty to find the raw, find the link posted below, for people who can understand a bit of thai language. It’ not my case, i want to learn thai language and also Korean ><. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7QahCwaTpQ (RAW without sub titles). My advise to the subber of this larkorn: I Think it's better to save all eps before they will be removed by you tube admin/infringement's law etc. Sorry for my bad English.

  9. One more thing: thanks for your work/translation, I’ve translated in the past a lot of manga and some korean drama, and others scanlation group pretend to have done it, i know it’s frustrating, but continue your work and do not waste your time and energy with stupid people. Your followers know the truth and how to appreciate your great work, fighting!

  10. Hello, I’ve seen that you are still translating this lakorn (subbed at 70%): thanks! Really, i know how it could be hard to translate, good luck and you have all our support, again thank you ><. At this moment, I'm looking full house: the thai version, it's great and I've the feeling that lakorn are improving their level (stories, acting of characters, background, high quality video…), it's a revolution for the fans of lakorn!

  11. Please sub more ep!!!!!! You are doing a great job! I love the lakorn and look everywhere to see if someone else sub it but haven’t found any 😦 . plz plz plz keep subbing. Thanks for your work hopefully I get to see more from you.

  12. just wondering if you will continued to sub this Lakorn. I keep checking back but there hasn’t been any updates. I hope someday when you are bored with nothing to do you will pick this project back up.

  13. thanks for completing Ep 4. Plz finish the rest of the lakorn. I’ve been waiting for a long time for it to be subbed. Really appreciate it!!!

  14. hello, how can we get the password, I want to see the other episodes, and thanks to have continue the translation 🙂

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